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    Instant Hot Water Dispenser

    Measuring under 12 inches tall and less than seven inches wide, Commercial Grade Instant Hot Water Dispenser installs discreetly under virtually any sink for ultimate convenience
    When combined with a water filtration system, the hot water dispenser is perfect for enjoying a fresh cup of coffee, tea or hot chocolate, as well as making quick meals like oatmeal, pasta, soups and much more.. Instant hot water for Beverages, soups, Thawing, And Mixing
    Features: A generous capacity of up to 60 to 100 cups of water per hour at 190 degrees Fahrenheit.
    An insulated stainless steel tank, which keeps it energy efficient and maintenance-free.
    A large adjustable thermostat knob for temperature of 140F to 190F (60C to 88C) with a self-resetting thermal fuse, Drain, Lead Free System Anti-Liming System Integrated Vent with Hot Only and Hot & Cold faucets Easy two hose connection, Suggested Installation of drinking water filtration and compatible with RO (Reverse Osmosis) filtration systems.             


    Instant chilled Water Dispenser 

  • This is a stylish high quality water chiller
    that fits discretely
    under the kitchen sink...ready to plug in!

    Provides perfectly chilled drinking water 39
    to 42 F (4 -6C) ,All Stainless Steel waterways to use with RO
    System White powder coated galvanized steel cabinet
    with light gray plastic fascia Easy to install with quick-disconnect
    fittings Four foot insulated power cord with NEMA 5-15
    plug-ready to plug in Adjustable water temperature control One gallon per hour cooling capacity; stainless steel storage tank Air cooled; no cabinet venting required Includes tubing, quick-connect fittings, wall mounting clips, and screws,
    NSF Approved

    DRINKING WATER         

    For healthier living, health experts recommend that you drink about eight glasses of water every day.

    A healthy lifestyle comprises exercise, sleep, nourishing foods and plenty of water. But water that tastes bad or is bad for you can undermine your intentions of well-being.